Message from Chad Leith: October 28, 2019

Dear members of the Morse School community,

paint night photosLast Wednesday, October 23rd, we hosted our first-ever Morse Family Paint NIght! Our fabulous art teacher Aimee Kerr led nearly 100 children and parents in painting a special Boston rendition of Vincent van Gogh’s famous Starry Night. Many thanks to Ms. Kerr for planning this wonderful community event. Thanks, also, to the staff members and parents who volunteered to help out and make Paint Night a success. We are already looking ahead to some exciting community events in November, including our International Festival & Potluck Celebration (11/15) and our first-even Morse Family Book Club (11/21). We hope that you will consider joining us for one or both of these special school-wide events! 

Pokémon Cards & Personal Items
I’d like to share a reminder about our school policy on toys and personal items such as Pokémon cards. As outlined in our Parent & Student Handbook, “toys, collectables (stuffed animals, Beanie Boos, action figures), trading cards, Pokémon cards, fidget spinners, slime, etc. are not allowed in school unless they have been brought with teacher permission for a school project.” Recently, we have had to manage unexpected behaviors stemming from the use of Pokémon cards. Please encourage your child to keep his/her Pokémon cards and personal items at home. If your child does bring Pokémon cards to school, they must remain in his/her backpack during the entire school day, including recess. 

Upcoming Routine Safety Drills
Throughout the school year, we conduct multiple safety drills to prepare the members of our community to respond safely and appropriately in the event of an emergency. We have already conducted our first fire drill of the school year. During a fire drill, we teach our children how to quickly evacuate the building and convene in safe areas away from the school building. During the course of the year, we will also conduct shelter in place drills, in which children and teachers are taught to remain inside the school building due to a security threat in the vicinity (such as an extreme weather event or a nearby police action), as well as lockdown drills, in which children and teachers are taught to remain inside their locked classrooms in response to the presence of an armed intruder. As with fire drills, these safety drills are unannounced and brief. We take care to minimize anxiety and to explain to students that practicing together is an important way to stay safe. We encourage you to take a few moments to talk to your child about the importance of preparing for emergency situations as well. Thank you! 

At the Morse School, we strive to create a learning environment that fosters curiosity and creativity, while also attending to the positive social and emotional development of our students. Thank you for your support and understanding as we work to make our school a safe place for all children to learn and grow. 


Chad Leith
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