International Festival: Sponsored by Friends of Morse Brings the World to the Morse School!

International Festival: Sponsored by Friends of Morse Brings the World to the Morse School!
Posted on 10/17/2014
By: Liz Johnson, parent

On October 17th, the Friends of Morse was proud to sponsor the annual International Festival. We hope all of you who were able to attend had a wonderful time. We have such a diverse community at Morse, and it was fun to get to know some of our new Morse families, see familiar faces and celebrate together.

When our world travelers arrived, we gave them a passport for their travels, and a scavenger hunt to keep them busy.  The kids met new people who spoke another language, people who celebrated a different holiday than their family, people who were born in another country and people who have recently traveled overseas. It was a great way to get to know the stories of our Morse families.

The dishes provided by our families at the Potluck dinner were abundant and delicious. We had dishes from Denmark, China, Israel, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam, Canada, Korea, and Poland, to name a few. We even managed to convince a few kids to taste something new.  

Once again, some of the Morse staff could be spotted along with some students doing a dramatic interpretation of a popular folk tale after dinner. This is always a favorite amongst the kids.

After dinner, the activities began. Each time the children completed an activity, they were given a stamp in their passport. The kids put their chopstick skills to the test, looked at money from around the world and tried to figure out where it was from, and even tested their language skills, learning to say ‘Thank You’ in another language. For the more creative types, we made Mexican flowers, and decorated paper hand cutouts in a Mehndi style. We set up the gym to showcase some of the popular sports from around the world. Students had a chance to play ping-pong, shoot some hoops, and kick some goals.  

Thank you to all who attended and to our fabulous volunteers who made it all happen.
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