5th Grade Reviews of “A Christmas Carol” at the Central Square Theatre

5th Grade Reviews of “A Christmas Carol” at the Central Square Theatre
Posted on 12/20/2017
  • First off I went to see what I call on of the best plays I ever saw. I went with my whole class, staring one of my peers Matilda. My class and I went to Central Square Theater. The play was called “ A Christmas Carol”. The setting or in other words scenery was magnificent. The play is about a guy named Scrooge, and he is so rich but so mean. He has nothing to do with all his money, and does not share it. HE HATES CHRISTMAS. On December 24 1842 in england he learns about the joy of Christmas. - Chloe
  • On Wednesday December 6 Mrs.Bishop and Mrs.Jeram’s 5th grade classes went to the Central Square Theater to watch A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. A fellow Morse School 5th grade student Matilda Fletcher was acting in the play. The play was about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge who HATES Christmas because you use money to buy other people things. This movie/play is supposed to teach anyone that money isn’t everything, having a caring and loving family especially around the holidays is really all you need. During the play the actors asked us to dance with them and they were really interactive. It was a amazing play to watch. - Leena
  • Today my class went on a field trip to Central Square theater. We went to see my classmate Matilda in the play “The Christmas Carol”. A holiday play about the past and present of Christmas. The main character in “The Christmas Carol” was Scrooge. Mr. Scrooge was always very stingy man with his money. Mr. Cratchit is his employee, but Scrooge never gave him any additional money. Scrooge never liked Christmas and always said “Ba hum-bug” about Christmas. 
- Jazzy
  • Recently, Ms. Jeram’s 5th grade class went to see a production of A Christmas Carol at the Central Square Theater, because my classmate Matilda Fletcher was in it. She played 4 characters, and was a big part of the show, and she did a magnificent job. - Kiki
  • Today the fifth grade saw A Christmas Carol, a famous play by Charles Dickens. The reason the grade went was because there very own classmate, Matilda Fletcher, was in it. To get ready and understand the show better, before we left we learned some facts about the plot and origins of traditional Christmas-time things. Did you know that the reason stockings are put up? The legend is that a widowed man, grieving his lost wife, desperately needed to marry off his daughters but didn’t have the money to pay for the dowry. Saint Nicholas wanted to help, but knew the widowed man was too prideful to accept money. Saint Nicholas dropped money down the chimney on Christmas, and that is why people hang up stockings. After our discussion, we set off walking and talking to our destination. When we got to the Central Square Theatre, the company putting on the production, we saw the stage, which was super cool. Instead of most stages, this one was in the middle of a big room with chairs surrounding it. Before the play began, actors came out. People lined up to get their fortune told, saw a magician break through chains and a puppet show. We even saw Matilda dancing around. - Cece
  • My class and I went to this Astounding play all because one of our students were acting. This marvelous play reenacted an amazing Story that the famous Charles Dickens wrote. The set of this play took place around the 18 hundreds/ around 1840 roughly speaking. This play is about this old and very rich man scrooge. He didn’t care about anyone else's feelings just his own. He snapped at people with rulers when they sang Christmas carols. He said to a boy that was dying (Tiny Tim) to let him die and make the population not so crowded. He sure was a selfish man indeed. I would rate this play with 5 stars! - Zeyd
  • Today the 5th grade went to Central Square Theater to watch a play called “A Christmas Carol”. My classmate, Matilda was in the play and she did a great job with her performance. Instead of the stage being at the front of the theater, with all chairs facing it, the stage was in the center. There were four seating sections. Both of the classes got their own sections. It was very interesting to see the play because all the props had to be on wheels so that the actors/actresses could roll the props right off. My favorite part was when the actors and actresses invited kids to come on stage and dance with everyone. They said that it was the largest group that danced out of all of their performances! The takeaway from the play was to not be greedy and to share what you don’t need with others. The only problem I had with the play was that everything was going so fast. I know that it was only a four hour play, but It was tricky to understand what was going on in each scene. But overall, I would give this play a nine out of ten. At the end of the play the cast let both classes ask questions about the play, and we got to hear the actors and actresses real names. - Katie
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