Garden News: May 3, 2017

Garden News: May 3, 2017
Posted on 05/03/2017
By: Shay Chess, Our CitySprouts Garden Coordinator

A letter that Mrs. Connelly's students helped write for friends that use the garden after school or before school.

Dear Morse friends & community members,

Welcome to our schools garden. It’s a space that the entire school uses as an outdoor classroom. We in room B8 know because we consider the outside our classroom too. Last fall, we did a lot in our outdoor classroom, we pressed cider, learned about pollinators, dissected a fish head and buried it in the ground, planted, watered and weeded plants, harvested lettuce & sweet potatoes and had a feast, documented the changes of the maple trees, explored the compost bin in search of creepy crawlers. We did a lot and we had a lot of fun! As you can tell we love our outdoor classroom, it allows us to be scientist, explorers, journalist, engineers, chiefs, and farmers! 

We are happy that we have such an enriching outdoor classroom. We love that our space is accessible to the community, many friends use the outdoor classroom as their own too. Some days when we come out we get to see some cool art projects other classrooms made using natural materials from the garden and we add to the art pieces. We love working on these projects. Sometimes our outdoor classroom is very messy and sometimes unsafe. B8 comes out and cleans up the mess that was left behind. It makes us feel sad and frustrated that we have take time to clean up after other people. This takes time away from us using our imagination. 

The students of B8 would like to ask our friends to please continue to use the garden. Please clean up after yourselves and return materials back where they found them.

Thank you

Class B8
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