Morse Garden News: September 2016

Morse Garden News: September 2016
Posted on 09/27/2016
We are so excited to have you visit our CitySprouts growing garden! Please remember that this space is used as an outdoor classroom, with Miss Shay as the teacher. So we ask that you respect these Garden Guidelines:
  • The garden is a wonderful place to explore. Items that grown in abundance for example tomatoes, raspberries, etc. we are happy to share with the Morse community. However special items that grow in smaller quantizes, like melons, pumpkins, etc. we kindly ask that those be left in their growing areas so that the students can watch them grow.
  • An adult should supervise all children. Show them ways to help and respect the garden, like weeding, leaf gathering, clean up, insect watching, etc. Watering the garden. Ms. Shay is happy to talk to and explain to parents if they need help figuring out how to do certain jobs. She is at the Morse: Morse Monday mornings & Wednesday afternoons.
  • Working in the Garden a fun activity to get the kids involved with:
    •Weeding, there are many stubborn weeds that need to be pulled.
    •Helping cut back herbs (much later in the season)
    •Picking up apples & bagging leaves (when they begin to fall!)
    •Turning the compost (great to do with kids as well).
  • Please do not change how the garden grows and make sure that garden plant markers/signs do not get switched. This also includes the movement of any of the brick and stone liners.
  • Children should not be in the shed unless helping an adult. There are garden tools that could hurt if not used or handled properly. The shed is kept locked for safety reasons, but a key is available. Recently we discovered that the lock had been fooled with, a stick was removed from the keyhole.
  • If items are taken out of the shed please make sure they are put back and in the same place that they were removed from.
  • Please encourage children to keep their feet on the ground and not climb on any of the trees. If there are many children climbing at the same time, it is first unsafe and also causes stress to the tree itself. There are several playgrounds in the area that have appropriate climbing structures.
  • Make sure children travel only on the paths and not through any of the growing areas.

CitySprouts News: 
Volunteer with your child's class to help press apple cider in the school garden!

During our Annual Cider Pressing in October and November, we introduce children and teachers to the school garden by setting up an apple press in the garden and teaching kids how to make cider. We would love parent volunteers to help set up, do a little crowd control, and clean up afterwards. As a volunteer, you'll have the chance to sign up for a free raffle to win a fun family activity. Come enjoy fresh cider and see how much the kids love being outside in the garden. If interested, contact Andrea Locke at [email protected].
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