Dancers' Reflections of the Ballroom Dancing Showcase

Dancers' Reflections of the Ballroom Dancing Showcase
Posted on 03/23/2016
Quotes: Written by Grade 5 Dancers

•On March 14, 2016, the 5th graders from five different schools came to perform a dancing act. Students from the five schools: Morse, Graham & Parks, Tobin, and two others, promenaded in and formed a circle of their own school. The students then proceeded to dance the Meringue, the waltz, the salsa, the swing, and the tango, in that order. Each student put forth their best effort, and the teachers were overjoyed with the wonderful outcome. The final part of the showcase was the music “Cotton Eyed Joe” was put on, and all the students did the line dance to it.

•After we were done dancing, a dance group called Star Dance School danced. They did an awesome job with the dance movement and timing. The M.I.T. dancers also danced with the beat and it looked like they practiced a lot. At the end I was jumping for joy. I really enjoyed dancing and socializing with my friends. If I could I would do it a second time.

•Butterflies floated in my stomach. Though I didn’t want to admit it, I was freaked out. The series of dances happen during the Salsa, Swing, and Tango and then the pro-dancers twirled onto the floor. Wo1! They were spectacular! Finally after one last dance we stood up for a dance off! We took positions. “5,6,7,8”…wind brushed my face, my hips were swaying and my feet were tap, tap, tapping! It was a truly a moment to remember.

•“Yahoo!” I shouted as we went into the C.R.L.S. gym. At 7, we had to go into the hallway; I knew exactly what was happening. The exhibition was starting. Leaving me with nervous nerves. My heart was pounding. AWESOMEST NIGHT EVER!

•I was about to die when I saw like 500 parents (exaggeration). My stomach was aching with pain and I was sweating bullets. I hear everybody being nervous and some people felt so scared they didn’t want to do it. But we all did it.

•The Ballroom Dance exhibition was at C.R.L.S. There were a lot of different dances. One of the dances was the Tango. The tango is simple, it goes, T-A-N-G-O and repeats two times. The ballroom dance was awesome. I really enjoyed it.

•My mom and dad went with me to get dress up clothes or should I say a suit. When we got home I tried on my suit and it felt good. Hours later on March 14th, I was at C.R.L.S. I was so nervous and scared that I was sweating. When it was time to dance I persevered through it.

•At first I did not like ballroom. But as we got to the Showcase it was kind of exciting. One thing I wished happened was that we all got a ribbon.

•This was an amazing event. Parents were screaming for their children. These fifth graders did a fantastic job.

•Also, we got to do a Meringue compition, whoever won got to have a trophy. My partner and me won. I smiled so hard, my lips hurt for a while.

•One thing I learned about Ballroom Dancing is that some kids don’t like holding a girl’s hand, but in a few weeks you will start to like it.

•We walked all around the gym a couple of times, and then all of a sudden my nerves went away. I messed up on one part but I kept going anyway. The Swing dance we did was the funnest and the most confusing. My favorite art was when the people cheered. I wish I could do this again because it was so much fun. One thing I would change is I wouldn’t be so nervous and scared. In the end, I did my best and worked very hard and that’s all that matters.

•There was also a kids dance group and professional dancers. And overall the annual ballroom dancing expedition was a great success. It was wonderful.

•My heart was frozen I didn’t know what to do. I was feeling nervous; scared I didn’t even know what I was feeling. The dances that we were going to dance were the Meringue, Waltz, Salsa, Swing, and the Tango. The meringue was one of the complicated dances I danced I was so worried that I did some wrong steps and I started sweating. The salsa was my favorite dance because there were so many steps and the whole dance I was moving my feet and the salsa was very fast unlike the other dances. I loved the tango because when we went close to the other partner and we said ola everybody was clapping and that was the one time everybody in the whole gym was smiling. That was how our big day went I'll never forget that day. I'll even tell this story to my kids.

•On March 14, 2016, the fifth graders from Morse, Baldwin, Tobin, King Open, Graham & Parks, and Kennedy-Longfellow schools participated in a ballroom dance showcase at them Rindge & Latin high school. The students, such as myself, had been performing for two months on the Meringue, Waltz, Salsa, Swing, and Tango. My favorite dance was the Salsa from the teachers. The ballroom dancing experience was a time I will never forget.

•5 schools pact in the hallway about to go out to a room of parents, neighbors, relatives and strangers to have the time of their lives!! We have been practicing for thousands of months and now today tonight was the time we would be show everyone in the crowd why we weren't having regular gym class. Now back to the hallway, we were all spread out in a long line across a huge hallway preparing ourselves for the biggest night we would ever have in 5th grade! I don't know about the other students but I was terrified! When the first dance started I forgot all steps and had to rely on muscle memory. The professionals had beautiful long dresses chasing after them as they did more complex steps than I could ever imagine. When it was all over and the winner had taken home their trophy and the parents had used up all the data in their phone filming us, I was exhausted. I didn't believe the teachers when they said I would have fun but now that's its over it was the greatest time I've ever had.

•Things that I liked about the Ballroom Dancing Exhibition is that how everybody got dressed, also how every single school knew how to get into their own circle not just a big huge blob of kids in tuxes and dancing. I was amazed how all the M.I.T dancers danced it was amazing; I knew they had to take A LOT of practice. , I was shaking like maracas falling on the floor, until we got out in the gym. When we got in the gym I heard everybody cheering for their children/child and sometimes for the school that the children or their child go to. But the most best part was when Donnie won the trophy I was really proud of him.

•It was the night of the ballroom dancing day. I was ready. I had everything ready and I was on my way to the big showcase. “Escort position” Mrs. OC said. We all got in escort position and we were ready to dance. I was happy to get this over with and nervous to dance in front of more than 400 people. The dancing was absolutely the best. It was strange because in school practicing I didn't like it but during the big showcase it seemed to me so much fun.

•All schools danced extraordinarily well in my opinion. The only bad thing for me was that two of my dancing partners that I had practiced with were missing so I had to dance with the teachers and a student from another school. There were also professional dancers from the Star Dance School and M.I.T. who did an amazing job. That is all I have to say about the spectacular ballroom dancers.

•Over all I had an awesome time at the ballroom dancing expedition. Before I got in I was feeling kind of nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was kind of overwhelmed by how many people were actually there. Once I started dancing all the nervousness went away. My favorite part was at the end when we were dancing the Meringue and being judged, because I always love a good competition.
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