Up Close and Personal with an Artist

Up Close and Personal with an Artist
Posted on 05/03/2017
By: Aimee Kerr, Morse Art Teacher

2nd GradeSecond graders were treated to a guest artist on April 4th! Kate Gakenheimer, a stained glass artist (Parent of two Morse School students), came to the Art Studio to share her work, her process, and her tools. Students were an excellent and thoughtful audience, and asked the following questions:

Question: How do you start? 

Answer: Always with a pencil drawing.

Question: How do you cut the glass into the right shapes?

Answer: I use a special tool that scratches the surface of the glass and then I can snap it with my hands!

Question: How do you put the patterns and designs on the glass?

Answer: I use a sandblaster, which sprays sand really fast at the glass, and cuts the designs in.

Question: What is your favorite color?

Answer: Hot pink. Hot pink glass is made by gold!

Question: Do you ever cut yourself with the glass? 

Answer: All the time! I have to be really careful, especially since I can't wear gloves.

Question: How long does it take to finish a window? 

Answer: The one I brought with me today took 22 hours from start to finish! (pictured)

Second graders are currently working on their own "stained glass" windows, featuring symmetrical flower designs, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Look for them at the Morse School Art Show, at Gallery 263, from May 30 - June 3rd.
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