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Goals and Expectations
Kindergarten is a transitional year in the life of a young child. The first several weeks of school are dedicated to helping children adjust to new surroundings and routines. There is a strong emphasis on social skills as well as academic skills.

children working togetherActivities are developmentally appropriate and include sand, water, painting, play dough, music, cooking, writing, singing, drama, blocks, dramatic play, reading, math, computers, games, and puzzles.

Our classrooms use an approach called The Responsive Classroom to help build a caring community." to "A program of positive behavioral interventions and supports is implemented at the Morse School along with the Responsive Classroom model to help build a caring community.

The goal of this proactive approach is to build a classroom into a learning community where high social and academic goals are attained.

Each grade at the Morse School also includes a Basic Academics/Services classroom for students who have moderate to severe disabilities across various domains. Students are included with their general education peers to the maximum amount possible as deemed appropriate by the IEP team.

Class Activities and Special Programs
In the past, some classroom activities and special programs have included:

  • Family picnics
  • Field Trips (Franklin Park Zoo, theaters, local business....)