Rooms E5 & E7 Go Orienteering

Rooms E5 & E7 Go Orienteering
Posted on 11/16/2015
For a few years now the students in Ms. Bishop & Ms. Jeram’s 5th grade classrooms have had the wonderful experience of learning about and participating in   Orienteering. So far there have been two solid experiences. The first happened here at the Morse and the second at Fresh Pond.  Later in the year there will be one more experience that happens at the Fells in Medford. Below are some quotes from some of those that have participated.

“Orienteering is a sport that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to get from point to point, normally as fast as you can. Controls are like checkpoints in a lot of ways. They mean you are one step closer to the finish. I like orienteering because you get to run around and learn something new every time.”

“In Social Studies at the Morse School there is a thing called the Morse “O”. You have a chance to get controls in the correct order to finish the orienteering run.”

“5th graders of the Morse School were orienteering. They went around the whole Morse School and learned ho to orient a map.  It was practice for fresh Pond”

“On October 5th, 2015, the 5th grade of the Morse school went orienteering around their school. There were twelve controls in total, and the 5th graders were grouped into 2’s and 3’s. The groups started at different times. So no one knows who got all the controls the fastest.”

“I was the one that had the number control sheet and one of my partners had the map and the other one was showing us which way we should go.”

“On Friday, October 23, the Morse 5th grade went orienteering at Fresh Pond. Orienteering is a sport where you have to find controls in a certain area using a map. The two fifth grade classes took turns preparing for the orienteering field trip. They planned on what their route would be, which people in each group would do what jobs. The jobs were: 1) map orienteer, 2) the compass, 3) the feature reader, and 4) the problem solver and evidence keeper.”  
“It was WAY bigger than the Morse O. Some teams said at times they felt lost. Also, this time, the route wasn’t planned for us. We spent a week figuring out what teams everyone was on and after that what route we were going to take. My team came up with a route and so did the others.”
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