Lost in the Woods; Room B7 Performance

Lost in the Woods; Room B7 Performance
Posted on 06/08/2017

By: Neal Klinman

The name of our Kindergarten B-7 play this year was “Lost In The Woods.” However, the name of our project could easily have been Collaborative Integration in Kindergarten. We had a wonderful performance that combined music, visual arts, theater arts, science, literacy, technology, and dance. It was a lot of hard work for us and for the children who performed, but all felt incredibly proud and accomplished as final bows were taken on the stage. To make this performance a success, B7 Collaborated with:

  • David Haines with the Cambridge Family Opera songwriting workshop, and we created an original composition using words from the book from which we created the play. 

  • Kate Bresee through the Dance in the Schools program. We worked for seven weeks building up the students' repertoire of individual and group movements, which were used as part of our performance. 

  • The children created their headband costumes, which represented their woodland animals. This part of the project built on collaboration from last year with Amy Kerr, our art teacher, to create such masks. 

  • A new addition this year was our collaboration with Jen Lavalle, our technology specialist, who guided us through a multi-week research project utilizing the computer lab. Our wonderful students researched their woodland animal characters, drew pictures, wrote facts, and learned how to do supported research on the Internet.
    We had further collaboration with Kelly Graeber, our music teacher, who gave some of her time to help us work out some details for our two final performance songs. 

  • We had a collaborative effort as well with our library and media specialist, Sarah Pennell. Working together, we were able to integrate a book study over several weeks about the topic of the woods. This included an exploration of non-fiction informational texts as well as picture books with fictitious characters.

One additional integrated element of this project was our Ecology unit, which built upon the frameworks of the Cambridge Kindergarten Science study of Organisms. The collaborative nature of this project underscores all that is important that we endeavor to model and share with the larger world. I hope that the children and families will carry this spirit and excitement with them. I know that Mrs. VanStry and I certainly will!

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