Grade 5 Trip to the Cambridge Public Library

Grade 5 Trip to the Cambridge Public Library
Posted on 05/03/2017
Adam GIdwitz (The Inquisitor’s Tale) 

By: Will Yakoobian, Grade 5 student

The Inquisitor's TaleOn April 6, 2017 the fifth grade visited the Cambridge Public Library to listen to Adam Gidwitz speak about his new book “The Inquisitor’s Tale.” Our class listened to “The Inquisitor’s Tale” for 1 month before we got invited to the talk.

At the Library’s Auditorium Adam Gidwitz talked about his new book. He gave us questions about the Medieval Ages. On the questions he would ask us a question, then he would give us the answer. Even though there wasn’t an “all of the above” answer Adam would tell us that all the questions were correct. He did that two times. After people would think he would do “all of the above” again, then he would only have one correct answer.

After that Adam Gidwitz talked about how he didn’t want to be a writer when he was a kid, he wanted to play in the NBA. The reason he didn’t play in the NBA is that he had a hoop that could be 6 feet or 10 feet. Adam would always put the hoop at 6 feet, so he never learned to shoot on a ten feet hoop.

Also Adam Gidwitz talked about how he was a teacher. One day he needed to read a book to the class. He didn’t know what book to read, so he wrote his own chapter of a book. At the end of the class the children liked it and wanted to know what happened next, so Adam made another chapter. This kept happening until he had a whole book of 400 pages. He wanted to publish it, so he gave it to an editor. The editor said the book was no good, so Adam edited the book himself and made the book only 270 pages. He gave it back to the editor and she said it was pretty good. He never published the book, but that got him started to write new books.

Another thing Adam Gidwitz said was that when he woke up he would write for 2 or 3 hours, then for the rest of the day he would sit on his couch and stare at the ceiling!

In the middle of the talk Adam made us guess how many times he edited his book. Some people guessed 3, others said 12. When he told us how many, a lot of people were shocked. He said he edited the book 267 times! Lastly at the end of his speech everyone got to go home with a signed copy of The Inquisitor’s Tale!
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