Grade 5 Annual Girls’ Sports Day Thoughts 2018

Grade 5 Annual Girls’ Sports Day Thoughts 2018
Posted on 06/06/2018
Girls’ Sports Day at Danehy Park

By India Benzan

Today’s Girls Sports Day ( 5/30/18) was super duper great! I made lots of new friends, participated in fun activities, and played a bunch of sports.

When I woke up this morning I was feeling excited and very anxious. I didn’t know what to expect and was somewhat nervous about meeting girls from other schools. I was really worried they might be mean or judgy. When I got there, I was surprised by how nice everyone was. I’m guessing many of the girls felt just as nervous as me. It definitely helped seeing a few girls I knew. The whole day I felt relaxed and that I could be myself.

After we arrived and warmed up, we were put into smaller groups and assigned to activities. My first activity was yoga. I liked learning poses like the “Warrior” which helps with digestion and the “Tree” that helps with balance. We also made up our own group pose which kind of looked like a pyramid.

Next, we played ultimate frisbee. We were paired with a person we never met before. My partner was so nice! It was my first time playing ultimate frisbee and probably hers too. We both kept dropping the frisbee and saying sorry to each other. I think I’d liked to play again.

When I got home I couldn’t wait to tell my parents and brother about Girls Sports Day and how amazingly wonderful my day was!

By Katie Campbell

On May 30th, 2018, the fifth grade girls from all of the Cambridge school district went to Danehy Park to participate in fun sports. The reason that Cambridge celebrates Girls Day is because in the early nineteen hundreds, (and earlier) young girls and women usually stayed home to tend to children and do housework, instead of going to school and work. This meant that men were out in the world with greater opportunities than women. So almost every year, Cambridge hosts Girls day to celebrate and state that girls can do anything men can do.

When we first got to Danehy Park, we were told to go to our “picnic spot”, and we hung out there for a little over thirty minutes. Then, the volunteers called us over to warm up. We sprinted across a soccer field and were stretching out our muscles, getting ready for the sports and activities the volunteers had set up for us.

After we had warmed up, we went to our assigned sports on our name tags. My first sport was yoga. In yoga, we got a piece of paper and were told to find our “yogi” names with the key provided on the sheet. My name was Shiva Namaste Flame. Then our instructor showed us some cool yoga poses, and gave us other sheets of paper with pictures and descriptions of a pose. Our group tried some of the poses and most of the time we succeed with the pose. At the very end of yoga, all of the groups showed their “made up” pose, and we all got into a pyramid.

The next sport that I participated in was ultimate frisbee. When I got to ultimate frisbee I paired up with a girl from another school to pass a frisbee with her. But most of the time, we both would end up accidentally throwing the frisbee out of the fence. After we were finished passing, the volunteer blew her whistle and we all started to play one round of ultimate frisbee. You play ultimate frisbee by passing the frisbee to your teammates to score a goal. You score a goal by passing the frisbee to a teammate that is behind the end line. Overall, this was such a fantastic sport that was great to try.

For a little while, most of the Morse girls were rolling down a steep hill with friends. But sadly, we had to get back onto our bus and head back to our school. If you are a girl who attends Morse School, and you’re not in fifth grade, you have girl’s day to look forward to when you get older!

By Cece Walsh

The 5th grade girls of Morse School began Girls Day with a bus ride. We were on a bus with the King Open. When the bus full of excited girls arrived, we went up to a hill and dropped our stuff off. After what seemed like hours of waiting, but was only a couple minutes, we began to do stretches. My personal favorite was leapfrog.

Next, we went to our sports. My personal sports for the day were Tchoukball and Ultimate Frisbee. Tchoukball was similar to Ultimate Frisbee. When a player had the ball she could not move and had to pass to another player on her team. You scored points by throwing the ball against this sort of miniature pitchback. That was really fun, and I was pretty good at it. We lost our first match 4-5, and won our second, 7-6.

Next came Ultimate Frisbee. Mrs. OC ran this station. This was a lot like Tchoukball, like I said before, except you could walk up to 5 steps when you had the frisbee. I was a lot worse at this, though. I learned I was terrible at throwing, catching, and anything in between that had to do with frisbees. My team was crushed, 0-6. By the time the activities were finished I was suuuper hungry. We ate lunch, and then it was time to leave.

Today I had lots of fun, and I got to be in two sports that I’d never tried before. I met some new people, and had lots of exercise and fun.

By Kiki Sileshi

On Wednesday May 30, The 5th grade girls went on a field trip along with many other 5th grade girls from other schools in Cambridge. Only girls went on this trip, because the main purpose of this trip is to encourage girls to get involved in sports, because over the past years women have not gotten the same opportunities in sports as men.

Some of the sports that we participated in were, yoga, touch ball, and ultimate frisbee. Each person had a name tag that has has their activities on them. Each person participated in 2 sports. Yoga is when you do some yoga poses and stretches.

Touch ball was when there were these cones that surrounded two nets. There are 2 teams and the point of the game is to pass the ball to your teammates so they could bounce the ball off the net. If it lands outside the cones then it is a point for the team that bounced it. If not, then it is a point for the other team.

Ultimate frisbee is when there are 2 teams, and there are 2 goals. If you throw the frisbee to someone that is on your team and is inside the goal, then that is a point for the team that threw it. If not, then the other team gets to start with the frisbee.

After we did all the sports that we were assigned to, we ate lunch. Then until it was time to go we just had some free time and did whatever we wanted. I think that girls sports day was really fun, and I hope that they keep doing it throughout the years.

By Chloe Hardy-Hall

Today Wednesday, May 30 was girls sports day. Girls sports day is a day to give girls a chance to learn activities play sports and To meet other students but also it’s to give girls a opportunity to have more control of the sports.

Today I did two activities my first activity was frisbee. We got to learn the techniques of throwing The frisbee and catching it. We also learned a game, the point of the game was to learn to pass the frisbee and to have teamwork. Like said there is no I in team. The second activity I did was yoga. yoga was a bit more fun for me because music was playing we had a little bit more freedom and there was a few more different people in my group. We took are shoes off we got to dance and and we all got different poses and got to make up our own. We even taught are teachers some of our dance moves.

Overall the girls experience was a fun day and I would love to relive that moment.
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