Gallery 263 More than Just the Morse School Art Show Space!

Gallery 263 More than Just the Morse School Art Show Space!
Posted on 03/23/2016
Alexa Photopoulos, JK Para-professional, interviewed by Ms. Kerr, Morse Art Teacher

Spotlight on Gallery 263: Located at 263 Pearl St.; on the corner of Pearl & Putnam Ave. just a few blocks from the Morse School! With the Morse School Art Show kicking off on May 31st, let's learn more about Gallery 263, the local art gallery that hosts our show! Did you know that Ms. Photopoulos from room B8 works at the gallery?! I asked her some questions about her work there:

Ms. Kerr: What is your job at Gallery 263?
Miss Photopoulos: I'm proud to be the Managing Director of Gallery 263. In this job, I am responsible for handling the gallery's finances, communicating with artists, writing grants, and making connections with other arts groups and nonprofit organizations in Cambridge.

How did you get involved with the gallery?
I walked by the gallery one day; there was a beautiful painting in the window. I thought, "Hmm, I've never noticed this place before!" and went inside. I checked out the show, which was great, and noticed a sign in the window, seeking artists for their next exhibit. I submitted a piece, and it was accepted! After that, I kept applying to more and more opportunities the gallery offered, and since I liked the space and the people there so much, I started volunteering as well. Eventually, the gallery needed a new staff member, and I was so pleased when they hired me for the job.

Are you an artist, too?
Yes, I am! My training in school was mostly in sculpture--my favorite materials to work with are wood, plaster, and fabric. These days I also make more two-dimensional work--I especially like collage, printmaking and painting with watercolors.

What's your favorite thing about hosting the Morse School Art Show?
The best thing about the Morse School Art Show is watching our students really see themselves as artists. It's very exciting and validating to have your work displayed in a gallery--even for grownups!--and it is a very special thing to be able to give that experience to Morse students. Morse shows are also so colorful and full of life--it's a real joy to be surrounded by such beautiful, vibrant art, and I know all our gallery visitors love it, too.

Besides art shows, what else happens at Gallery 263?
In addition to showing art by children and adults, the gallery hosts live music shows 5-8 times per month, weekly yoga classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings, and special events like workshops, storytelling nights, stand-up comedy, theater, and special celebration. You can learn more by checking out our website!

Gallery 263 is located at 263 Pearl Street. Learn more at Don't forget, the Morse School Art Show is going to be May 31st-June 4th. The artists' reception will be Wednesday June 1st, from 4:30-6:30pm. Mark your calendars!
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