April is National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month
Posted on 04/27/2016
Poems a plenty! Poems galore, 
created at the Morse. 
Here are a few:

Tick tock
Tick tock
Tick tock,
And never will it
–By Desmond

There are towers
In the ocean
And butterflies too.
And lines and all sorts of stuff.
But the thing I like the most
Is the island on the ocean.
–By Giulietta

The Yellow Feather
I think of the yellow feather
As a quilt.
I think of it
As a magic wand.
I’m so very fond
Of the yellow feather.
–By Freddie

Rain is clouds singing,
When it falls it sings.
Rain is nutrients for nature,
A nutrient for flowers.
–By Jourdan

The Sun
I like this beautiful sun
Shining in the sky
It’s golden brown
Smiling on the world
With red cheeks
It makes me happy
–By Sanyiah

The sky never tells a lie.
It never dies.
It fills us with happiness…
Every day!
It wakes us up,
And brings warm light
To the world.
–By Xenya

The Bell
This bell is a bowl,
Carries dreams
Beautiful and good
Dreams that make you
In the world.
–By Xavier

Morse School
I love the Morse School.
Every day at least everyone in Morse learns a new thing.
“Teachers who give us so many different tools.”
Every kid might not LOVE school,
But I'm positive that every kid is happy that they get to go to school.
–By Nora S
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