Third Grade

Goals and Expectations
At the Morse School, our third graders are immersed in a rich curriculum.

Class Activities and Special Programs
In the past, some classroom activities and special programs have included:

  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Field Trip to Plimoth Plantation

Students are assessed using both formal and informal methods, including observations. Each student is assessed according to her/his individual progress and grade benchmarks.  
*This is the first year that students will be taking the state MCAS in reading and math.

Homework Policy
teacher and student discussingStudents are assigned homework Monday-Thursday. We do not typically assign homework over the weekend, but there are a few large assignments that are given over weekends/holidays. Students in the third grade are expected to spend 30-45 minutes on their homework a night. Each night’s homework typically consists of a math, writing, and reading assignment. Student reading needs to be recorded and signed/initialed by an adult. Students in Mr. Macomber’s class get a spelling list on Monday and are expected to study their words throughout the week to prepare for a spelling test every Friday.