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Principal's Corner

“Telling the real story”

Patricia BeggyI wanted to clarify some information that is out there on a website that may not be completely correct about the Morse School. With all best intentions, a group of Cambridge parents created a website, independent of the school department, that asks one or two parents from most of the elementary schools questions about their experience in the Kindergarten lottery. Their intent was to aide families as they make their top school choices for Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten.

I am pleased that the responses of those asked about their experience at the Morse were positive, however some of the questions that were asked were ones that may have required more data to be representative of the whole school not just the primary grades or specific demographic groups.

So just to be clear, I want families to speak truthfully about their experiences at the school both positive ones and the challenges that exist. However, this particular website has information that is actually incorrect which is worrisome. When helping friends or neighbors make their decision about choosing any school in Cambridge, statistical information, curriculum or instructional information is best when the source is the school or school department.


Miss Pat