Grade 5 Ballroom Dance Showcase: March 10, 2015

Grade 5 Ballroom Dance Showcase: March 10, 2015
Posted on 03/25/2015
On Tuesday, March 10th, the fifth grade had a ballroom dancing performance, held at the Cambridge Rindge & Latin High School. There were five different elementary schools there to perform the Meringue, Tango, Swing, Waltz, and Salsa. The first dance was the Meringue; to my surprise everyone did wonderful and barely made any mistakes. We put our heart in every move we did, as did all of the students from other schools.

Reflections/Quotes from the Dancers

We went into this long hallway because we had to have a good entrance, and so the host could introduce the schools. When it was time for us to go in, it felt like we were walking on the red carpet! Everyone was cheering and screaming! It was phenomenal!

As we danced the five dances Meringue, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, and Tango, I thought, “Wow! This isn’t so bad” When we were done with all of the dances. The MIT dancers came out to perform! Now they were AMAZING!! The best part is…we got the LOUDEST CHEER! Ballroom Dancing was a lot of fun for everyone!

When I arrived at the War Memorial, I was excited to dance. Those MIT dancers were literally perfect at every dance they did. I must say that I could see their hard work of practicing pay off in their moves. Every single stroke of hand, feet, head, and everything else was elegantly executed.

We waited for the music to begin. The large crowds were intimidating everyone. Then we began to dance, we smiles and had fun. The ballroom dancing show was really fun.

Doing ballroom dancing was a really fun experience. From the marching in, to the line dancing. I like seeing the professional dancers dance. They must have started young like us and worked their way up. If they could do that, then we can too, if we work hard enough. Even though everyone didn’t get a trophy, they should be proud that they were able to dance. That night was an amazing experience that I am sure no one will ever forget.

I definitely liked the Waltz and the Salsa because I knew the steps the best.

I was nervous but also excited.

From the moment the Morse marched out the entrance door I knew we were going to do great! I was both excited and scared to dance in front of a HUGE crowded gym. I just thought about making our school proud, representing the Morse like no one has before! I think we did a great job; everyone was on point and looked wonderful.

Ballroom Dancing was an amazing experience. Ballroom Dancing is something that I will never forget.

It was hard doing the Salsa, but the Tango was the fun one.

During Ballroom Dancing, the Morse School was awesome. In the end everyone danced together and had some FUN!

I was also happy I got to see my friends all dressed up and I was happy that my friends where complementing each other. During the Cotton-Eyed Joe line dance all the girls danced together. Before we left the girls were posing for a picture together and the boys photo bombed our picture.

Well this showcase was entertaining for our parents and the public. I just wanted to have fun and show my parents that I am really good, but I had to wear a wedding suit. When I got to the dance floor I was now starting to get nervous. I had fun dancing.