Note from School Nurse Aries

Note from School Nurse Aries
Posted on 03/28/2018
Dear Families,

Last year, the Cambridge School Committee voted to provide sanitary hygiene products for free in COS female and gender inclusive bathrooms. A group of high school students advocated for the change, arguing that free access was a human rights issue. Instead of having to go to the nurse’s office, they argued, it would be reassuring to know they would be available in all female and gender inclusive bathrooms at no cost.

Installation of sanitary product dispensers began at the high school and upper schools, and now will be installed in bathrooms in the K-5 schools. Here at the Morse they will be installed in the gender inclusive bathroom, the female adult bathroom, and the larger bathrooms located in the D & E wings. Research and experience has shown that females need access to these products at earlier ages then in the past. The dispensers will be set so that students do not need to insert coins - the product will dispense for free.

Please let your daughter know that sanitary products are available at no charge. As her school nurse, I am also available if she has any questions or concerns once her period starts. Students will sometimes come to the nurse’s office if they experience cramps, or when they get their period for the first time. I would be happy to help or answer any questions.

Please do not hesitate to call about this or any other health care concerns.


Susan Aries
Morse School Nurse

617.349.6575 x101
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