Grade 5 First-Term Reviews

Grade 5 First-Term Reviews
Posted on 12/20/2018
Submitted by: Several Grade 5 Students

By: Evan S.

A few things we learned in science was about the Moon, Sun and Earth we learned how they orbit each other. They also have different forces of gravity and that's how the planets orbit. This wasn’t really a challenging subject but some of it definitely stumped me.

ELA was very fun I enjoyed the challenge of writing papers like narratives tests and other writing activities. I thought taking tests in writing it is was a pretty fun subject to do in class.

Math was challenging this year but was fun in a challenging way and lots of good new strategies to solve math problems . Many new strategies of eventually help me in the future I think math was very fun in 5th grade and I look forward to doing more in 6th grade.

Gym was another very fun time this year we learned lots of new exercises the new games this is a very exciting year in gym I hope gym in 6th grade will be exactly like this. I'm still looking forward to doing our Pacer test which will be very brutal.

Spanish it is very hard to learn a new language. Especially after you've been born in another country it is very hard to cope with how the other language pronounces and says words. It is very challenging to figure out how to pronounce these but I will try my best at the end of 5th grade to be able to speak fluent Spanish.

By: Xavier Santos

In term on some fun things we did in fifth grade is some games like me to, entourage, 20, pass the beat, wind earth fire water etc. We also get free time on the new constructed playground. Also we get treats when people say goodbye like when Jazzy a fellow classmate left and when the assistant Ms. Wu left and Mr. DePalma left.

The different things about the subjects:

IN MATH we learned about GEMDAS and the traditional algorithm we are learning fractions but thats second term.

IN GYM we play fun games that Mr. V made up like Alien mission and this week we played handball. Some of the games that he made are games that are meant for teamwork like capture the flag.

IN SCIENCE We learned about the earth, sun and moon and right now were learning about matter but some of it is term two and we learned about how day and night happens. We also learned about shadows and how to tell time of the sun.

IN SOCIAL STUDIES We learned about civics if you don’t know what civics is it’s pretty much we learned about the government and we got to send letters to our senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren. We also learned about orienteering and we got to go to fresh pond and do it. Right now we're doing our comic strips.

By: Lydia J.

In term 1,we did many things, I am about to tell you about some of the things we did this semester.

MATH: First, for math, we did GEMDAS. G means grouping, like parentheses and brackets. E means exponents, like squaring. M means multiplication. D means division. A means addition. S means subtraction. This means, you first do the math in the groupings, then do exponents, etc etc… We did the problems horizontally, like this.


We also did partial products, which is long division. It is like drawing a huge 7. Then, you put the number you are dividing by on the left of the short, vertical end. You put the number you’re dividing into the almost complete box. Let’s say you are dividing 412 by 7. 7 times 50 is 350. 412-350=62. You put the 50 on the very right of the seven. Then you do the subtraction. Keep doing that until you get the lowest number possible. Finally, you add all the numbers on the very right, and add the reminder, and that’s the answer!

SCIENCE: In science we studied the Sun and stars. The Sun looks bigger and brighter than any other star, but many stars are bigger and brighter than it. This is because of 3 things; distance, temperature, and size. The Sun is very close to us, medium big, and mildly hot. This makes it look much brighter than, say Betelgeuse, even if Betelgeuse is brighter in reality.

We also studied the Moon. We learned about the waxing and waning moon. Waxing is when it becomes bigger, and waning is when it becomes smaller. The moon orbits around Earth, which is spinning and orbiting the Sun.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS: We have 1 DEAR book and 1 ARFF book. We read the DEAR book at school, and ARFF book at home. We also read class books. We read Bud, not Buddy, which is a great book, and did an epilogue for the book. I wrote about 15 years later, where he is the butt of a joke. In it, I tried to make similes and metaphors, which are comparing 2 things.

SOCIAL STUDIES: In social studies, we are studying the US government. With the help of the civics teachers, we learned about the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. Also, if there is a candy award, we behave very nicely. We are also doing a project which, for me, is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I are making a short comic strip about the Constitution and a postcard about the Bill of Rights. I will soon be done.

SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES: In library, we are learning to code with games. We move a character to the goal using the code provided. We shortly did US gov and MCBA, which stands for Massachusetts Children's Book Award.

In CPR, we do mindfulness, and play games like Sparkle and Pass the Beat.

In WIN, I go to Math Olympiad, which teaches you more advanced math problems.

In art, we dot paint aboriginal art, which is an old australian way of painting. We outline animals, draw symbols that match them, then dot paint with our fingers.

Lastly, in instrumental, I play on the violin, and I know how to play Caillou, Baby Shark, Darth Vader theme, Morning Mood, Jingle Bells, Twinkle Twinkle, and Hot Cross Buns.

I hope you learned something new about our class!

By: Giana F.

In Math we learned Gemdas, and the traditional algorithm, we also reviewed place value, and long division. Pemdas is Grouping symbols, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction. Place value is the groups numbers go in like ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, ten thousands, hundred thousands, millions, ten millions, hundred millions etc. Long division Is dividing something in the shape of a big 7.

In Reading and Writing we learned how to write an epilogue, what dear and arff books are, and similes metaphors and personifications. An epilogue is a story that happens after the story ends, so if your story ends on a cliffhanger it will explain what happens next. A D.E.A.R book is Drop Everything And Read, An A.R.F.F book is Always Read For Fun. A simile is a comparison to something using like or as. A metaphor is like a simile but you don’t use like or as. A personification is giving a non living thing living thing character traits.

In Science we learned about the sun moon and earth, stars, and gravity. The sun is our closest but it is not our brightest star, The sun doesn't move or rotate. The earth rotates around the sun and it takes 24 hours for the earth to rotate fully. The earth takes 365 days or 1 year to orbit the sun. The moon has 9 phases they are New moon, Waxing crescent, First quarter, Waxing gibbous, Full moon, Waning gibbous, Last quarter, and Waning crescent.
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