2nd Graders are “RADIANT” in Charlotte’s Web

2nd Graders are “RADIANT” in Charlotte’s Web
Posted on 04/27/2016
cwSubmitted by: Kelly Graeber, Morse School Music Teacher

The Morse School 2nd graders read Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White, a book identified as an exemplar text by Cambridge Public Schools. Students used a variety of skills and strategies while reading this text including: identifying a character’s problem or challenge, predicting a character’s actions, inferring traits based on textual evidence, identifying how characters change over time and using evidence to support their reasoning.

Charlotte’s Web is the heartwarming story of friendship between a pig, Wilbur, and a spider, Charlotte. Charlotte ultimately saves Wilbur’s life by weaving words into her web above the pig’s pen. The first message “SOME PIG” brings Wilbur much attention from the humans nearby. Everyone continues to be amazed after Charlotte weaves “TERRIFIC” and later “RADIANT” into her web. Wilbur, an ordinary pig is transformed into something special because as Charlotte explains, “people believe anything they see in print.” Spiders, even extraordinary ones, do not live forever and Charlotte dies. In gratitude, Wilbur ensures Charlotte’s egg sac is delivered safely to the barn where her baby spiders are born and continue Charlotte’s legacy of friendship.

After delving into the text, the students made the story come alive in a musical play based on the book. The students practiced songs, memorized lines, learned dances and developed their speaking voice and stage presence. The students’ hard work showed in their “TERRIFIC” and “RADIANT” performance. Bravo 2nd grade!

Pictured: Charlotte’s wonderful word web, as it appeared in the performance.
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