Fire Station Visit

Fire Station Visit
Posted on 11/05/2014

Fire House FunRoom B8 and Room A1 took a trip to the Central Square Fire Station! We got to see the firetrucks, look at the equipment firefighters use, learn about what to do in an emergency, and even see Ms. Photopoulos get dressed up in a firefighter uniform! Students also had the chance to ask the firefighters some questions. Below are some of the things they learned:

What did you learn from the firefighters? What did you see at the Fire Station?

  • I saw the fire truck and the fire hose.
  • I saw a fire pole
  • I learned they need coats so they don't get hurt in the fire. They crawl around and they need flashlights because they cant see in the fire.
  • They need a lamp to look
  • I learned that they know everything about fire trucks.
  • I saw the water and the bucket
  • I learned if you see them you should open the door
  • I saw the big hose
  • I learned they go down the fire pole because its quicker
  • They taught me how to drive the truck
  • I learned that they put the fire out with the fire hose
  • I learned that they don't have a job because people are allergic
  • I noticed they wear boots all the time, and they change them when they get back to the station
  • They wear helmets cause they bonk their heads
  • They need tools because they don't know if the door is locked or unlocked
  • I learned that there is an axe that can break a whole car!
  • I learned that the littlest truck in the fire station is the “helpingest” truck in the station because it can give air to people to help them breathe.

Photo: Ms. Photopoulos all dressed up!

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