Grade 5 Visits PAUS

Grade 5 Visits PAUS
Posted on 06/08/2017

Here are some 3,2,1 thoughts…

PAUS Reviews

By: Aizza G.

  • I learned that school starts and ends at 8:40AM and 2:55PM. I learned that the classes are on different floors. I learned that you have recess, (I used to think that we didn’t).
  • I still want to know if there are honor classes that you can choose. I still also want to know if there will be packets of homework.
  • I am excited to meet the new kids there and join some activities

By: Daeshaun M.

3 things I learned:

  • Something I learned is school ends at 2:55PM.
  • Something else I can choose a club to be in middle school.
  • Another thing I learned is everyone has a different place to be and you have 3 minutes to get there.

2 things I want to know more about:

  • Something I want to know more about is what do we get to eat for MCAS?
  • Something else I want to know more about is what grade do we dissect a frog in?

1 thing I’m excited about:

  • One thing I'm excited about is open gym.

By: Andre C.

3 things I learned:

  • I learned all the classrooms are near your locker
  • If you are late, You need to get a late slip and they don’t like people to be late
  • There is advisory like morning meeting

2 things you still want to know:

  • Do we pick classes or do the school do them? When you want to do a sport, do you need a certain grade?

1 thing you are excited about:

  • I am excited to meet new friends!
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