Beautiful Ribbons Blowing in the Breeze on the Fence

Beautiful Ribbons Blowing in the Breeze 
on the Fence
Posted on 03/28/2017
bannerWritten By: Denise Sullivan, Family Liaison

“We are one heart, we are one hand, we are children and people from many different lands. We're a neighborhood full of hope and pride, a belief in walking side by side.” (The chorus of the Morse School Song - by S. Montgomery Grout)

These words are the chorus to the Morse School song. They set a tone and reiterate the belief that the Morse School strives to be a community that welcomes people from all backgrounds, faiths and cultures. Those simple words ring as true today as they did when they were first written back in 1999. 

In light of recent national events that may be causing some of our students and families to feel unwelcome or uncertain of their future, I want to remind everyone that just as our school song states, we have a belief in walking side by side with members of our community.

  –A note sent to families by Principal Patricia Beggy

We have put a banner with the chorus of the Morse School song on the front fence, in support of all of our families and children. Should people want to, 
they can tie a ribbon on the fence. It is heart warming to see the many ribbons already attached along the front fence, on many days blowing proudly in 
the breeze.
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