Giving at the Morse - Room E7

Students in Room E7 (Grade 5): Bake Sale for East Cambridge Fire Fund & Visit to the Mayor’s Office
  • On Tuesday, January 24th Ms. Jeram's class had a bake sale for the Cambridge Fire Relief Fund. And we earned $355. We really thought it would be nice if we can help our neighbors. I hope the money can help some people. By: Mohamed S.

  • On Tuesday, January 24th my 5th class had a bake sale to raise money for the victims of the East Cambridge fire. We decided to do this charitable act because our school’s Core Virtue was charity and we thought it would be nice to help those that were affected, which is how the Cambridge Fire Relief Fund came about. 

    It was a bit nerve wracking because there was a lot of math involved, for example cookies would be 1.50 and the customer would also ask for water as well which is about 50 cents. On the spot you automatically have to come up with the total, which in this case would be $2.00. 

    Our class thought that it would be smart to have the bake sale on the same day as the winter concert in February.

 Even parents were showing the Morse Core Virtue! Many would donate $20 or more, and insist for us to keep the change. Seeing smiles on both parents and children gave me a great feeling inside, in fact the bake was a huge success, we were invited to see the mayor of Cambridge! By: Abigail D.

  • My fifth grade class E7 had a bake sale on Tuesday January 24th.The bake sale was a success we made 355 dollars to donate to the Cambridge Fire Relief Fund. At the bake sale we sold chips, soda, tangerines, apples, muffins, cupcakes and water. We got a lot of donations for the fire fund. By: Rammel J.

  • In our school, we have a Core Virtue. The Core Virtue for December was a charitable act. Each class was going to do something nice for someone/something that needs it. Our class wanted to help people that lost their home in a terrible fire. As young students we should try to help anyone that needs it. . We raised a lot of money. I thought we would on get $100, but the tables turned. A few days later, our class got to meet Mayor Denise Simmons. Let’s hope we can make more Charitable acts in our schools! By: Isabella M.

  • On Tuesday January 24th my 5th grade class from the Morse school had a bake sale for the Cambridge Fire Relief Fund. My class raised $355.00; every student was part of this charitable act. The bake sale was after a winter concert. Not only were baked goods included, healthy goods were as well. We all felt it was important to help families that lost their home in the fire. People were so generous to buy the treats that we had brought in. We were all so grateful to make that much money for others without a home from the fire. Some people were so kind to just hand out money. Hopefully every child and adult that was included in the fire has shelter and is safe. By: Aizza G.

  • My classmates and I set up a bake sale to raise money for the Cambridge Fire Fund on Tuesday, January 24th. We raised $355; a lot of people came to our bake sale and we had enough money for the Cambridge Fire Fund. We were so happy to raise the money. The mayor was so happy that we raised the money for the Cambridge Fire Fund that our class was invited to the mayor’s office. By: Trenée J. C.

  • On Tuesday, January 24th my class had a bake sale. Every class in the Morse School had to do an act of charity; our class had decided to do a bake sale! Also we wanted to donate the money we earned to the Cambridge Fire Relief Fund. There had been a fire in East Cambridge and many families had lost all of their belongings, including one family at the Morse School. 

    After that we all got to go to the lobby, the people who weren't selling things had to do a math sheet. I got to sell things first. My job was to collect the money and give people their change. It was very fun! When there were so many people buying things, a lot of people were coming to me to give me the money. I had to give the money to them quick and it was kind of challenging. 

    At the end we had a total of $355. Our class then got to go to the Mayor's Office to hand in the check. At the Mayor's office, the mayor gave us a tour of the Mayor's Parlor, the Council Chamber, and an old map of Cambridge. Lastly this was a really fun experience and I'm happy we got to help families in need! By: Will Y.

  • On Thursday, February 2nd Mrs. Jeram’s 5th grade class was invited to the Mayor’s office to deliver the money we raised for the East Cambridge Fire Fund. We made $355 dollars from a bake sale. Mayor Denise Simmons showed us a lot of things; first we got to sit in the mayor’s parlor. Mayor Simmons told us that before it was a parlor, it was an office; she said that she turned it into to a parlor so people’s voice could be heard. 
Then the mayor took us into the council chamber, we got to speak in the microphones. Mayor Simmons, told us that we had to say “madam chair” before we spoke. Everyone had a fun time in the council chamber. Mayor Simmons told us that the council chamber was built in 1880 or 1890 and it is still the same way. Then she took us up to the third floor to show us how Cambridge was in the 1700s, it wasn’t really a city back then, it was like a town. Also that the city wasn’t called Cambridge, it was called Newtown. I was trying to find out where my house would’ve been in the 1700s. I had a really fun time visiting the Mayor’s office. By: Nahin N.

  • On Thursday, February 2nd 2017 my class 5th grade class visited Mayor Denise Simmons we met with her in the Mayor's parlor. There we talked to her a bit and then she told us a story. It was about how she changed the room to be a place where people could be welcomed and state their opinions on new laws for the city. After looking at an old map we were lead to Council Chambers. We learned that the big room is used to have debates on new city ordinances. Then the mayor let us sit in the big chairs and talked through the Microphones. Soon enough it was time to go and before we left we got pencils. So the day was great and everyone had a good time. By: Amelia L. D.

  • On the 2nd of February, all of students from class E7 went to meet the Mayor of Cambridge. Her name is Denise Simmons. We went to see her in City Hall at Central Square. We went there, because we had a bake sale for the fire in, East Cambridge. It was a lot of fun seeing the Mayor. We saw the Mayor’s parlor, Council Chambers and the old village of Cambridge. In Cambridge this was called, Newtowne. My favorite part was seeing the Council Chambers. The Council Chambers is when decisions are made to make something a law or not. The third floor was awesome! There was a humongous map of the old Cambridge. Seeing the mayor was a big pleasure. By: Andre C.

  • On January 24th, my class had a bake sale for the Cambridge Fire Relief Fund. We raised $355. There were some large donations at the bake sale. It was a big responsibility, but I will do anything to help those in need. I was so happy to raise $300+. I was very proud of my class. Nearly every item at the bake sale was sold. The victims of the Cambridge Fire are probably very happy that a big donation is coming to help them get back on track with their lives. By: BJ H. III
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