Buona Fortuna & Ci Mancherai Mr. Mili (Good Luck & You Will Be Missed)

Buona Fortuna & Ci Mancherai Mr. Mili (Good Luck & You Will Be Missed)
Posted on 02/01/2016
Written By: Denise Sullivan, Family Liaison

One of my favorite movies is “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart. It tells the story of one man’s life. It starts by telling the audience the story from boyhood until he became a grown man. It is touching to see the young boy and his experiences with the people in his life. How those experiences led to the amazing man. The main character George Bailey of course thinks he is just an ordinary man, leading a humble, ordinary life. He has dreams of traveling the world someday. Somewhere in the middle of the movie an upsetting event happens that makes George wish he were never born. His wish is granted and he gets to see what the world would be like had he not been born. During this time we as the audience realize that this ordinary man has lead an extraordinary life, and how much the world was a much better place because he existed. To me it is how one life can touch so many in a profound way.

Why have I told you about this today? Well you see we all know a man similar to the character of George Bailey. His name is Vincent Mili. Mr. Mili’s story is remarkable, in my opinion. He grew up in a loving caring family. Instilling in him that family always comes first. He married his wonderful wife and had two children of his own.

At some point he was lead down the path to become a teacher (how lucky for all of us that he did). Not only was he a teacher, but also he was involved with children and teens in other significant ways, like coaching and mentoring. He started his professional career at Cambridge Pubic Schools in September 1982, at the Harrington School. Before that he coached the undefeated CRLS state champion Boy’s Basketball team of 1980-1981. Now we all know the players have the skill, but a good coach knows how to get those skilled players to work together and be a team.

Mr. Mili came to the Morse School in September 2000 in the role of the Assistant Principal. As a school we are so fortunate that he made this decision. In the years he has been here, he has taken his job very seriously but always with a smile on his face. He has also taken on the roles of many literary characters, like Johnny Appleseed aka John Chapman to Big Anthony from the story of Strega Nona. He has spent a fair amount of those years in the cafeteria during all grade level lunch periods, getting a chance to sit and chat with the students. He has also supervised many recess periods. He has the greatest collection of novelty-school themed ties, which do not go unnoticed by staff, parents, and especially the students.

The staff and students (current & former) have always had the upmost respect for him. We appreciate his firm hand, quick wit and wonderful sense of humor. The one thing that makes him so special is the kindness and caring he has shown to every single person he has interacted with. He is just like the character of George Bailey, in that he is a humble man that does not feel comfortable with praise. Mr. Mili firmly requested that his last day, be just an average day. So the staff have agreed to let his last day be just another day. However, it was decided that though the day itself will be like every other school day, the staff would honor Mr. Mili’s last day, by all wearing a shirt and tie!

We wish him well in his next chapter. We hope that he finds the chance to enjoy time with his wife and grown children. Have the flexibility to travel when he would like. Garden and play Bocce with his team in the North End. Our school community will MISS him GREATLY. Mr. Mili you may not have realized that your one life has touched hundreds and thousands of people. How grateful we all are to have been so lucky to have you touch our lives!!!! Buona Fortuna & Ci Mancherai Mr. Mili.

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