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Welcome to the Morse School Distance Learning Page!
Morse LogoThe teachers and staff members at the Morse School are committed to ensuring that our students continue to keep their brains active and exercised during the emergency school closure. This page includes information about general learning routines, specific classroom enrichment activities, and suggested daily schedules for children while they are at home.

New links will be added and updated to this site throughout the emergency school closure. In order to minimize loss of learning and stay up to date, we ask that you check this page frequently.

Maintaining Your Social, Emotional, and Mental Health during the School Closure
The COVID-19 crisis and the emergency school closure have had an impact on all of our lives and require us to think differently about how we take care of ourselves and our children. It is very important to us that all members of our community stay safe and healthy during this stressful and unpredictable time. Our School Counselor Fergie Wheeler has created a distance learning page dedicated to supporting the basic needs, social, emotional, and behavioral health of our students, families and staff during the extended school closure. Click here to visit the Morse School Support Page for Students, Families, and Staff.

The CPS Distance Learning & Support Plan also offers guidance to families for promoting Social Emotional Learning at Home.

Children thrive on structure and predictability, and helping them know what to expect each day will help them feel safe and promote self-regulation and positive behavior. We recommend that you establish a schedule that looks similar each day. Plan for some reading time, outside time, quiet time, play time, screen time, and of course some academic/schoolwork time (please see paragraph below for more on distance learning). Regular bedtime routines are also important.

Distance Learning at the Morse School
The Morse School distance learning model is closely aligned with the vision and expectations outlined in the CPS Distance Learning & Support Plan, which also includes information about what you can expect from your child’s special educators and/or related-service providers. While distance learning routines, learning activities, and expectations will differ by grade level, you can expect that the plan for your child’s classroom will include the following:

  • A weekly message previewing the classroom schedule and a simple daily message with information about each day’s learning activities.
  • Appropriate distance learning activities that comprise approximately half of a regular school day (3 hours).
  • Daily literacy and math activities, as well as weekly topics in science and social studies.
  • Regular, meaningful communication between teachers and students, including a combination of activities such as virtual classroom meetings, read alouds, office hours, small-group activities, and individual check-ins. Based on developmental considerations, the formula for such communication will differ by grade level.
  • Weekly Physical Education, Music, Art, and Library activities, as well as Spanish lessons for Grades 4 & 5.

Our goal and expectation is that every Morse School student is connected to our distance learning program and is actively participating in the activities being shared each day. Even though we cannot possibly replicate a regular school day through distance learning, we believe that active engagement is critical to maintaining each child’s learning and growth. We also believe that our classroom communities are stronger when all members participate. When your child shows up for an online class meeting or shares a piece of writing that he/she has completed, he/she is making an important contribution to the Morse School community.

Below, please find your child’s grade-level or classroom Distance Learning Page, with more information about protocols, resources, and expectations for your child’s classroom during the emergency school closure.

Special Start
A2 - Mr. Maloney, A3 - Ms. VanCamp, A5 - Ms. Raimo & E2 - Ms. Fitzpatrick

A1 - Ms. Sterling
B8 - Ms. Connelly
B6 - Ms. Allison
B7 - Mr. Klinman
D6 - Ms. Bellino
JK/K Online OT Resources from Ms. Fonseca

Grade 1
A1 - Ms. Sterling
A4 & A6 - Ms. Grunes & Ms. Rosenberg (New Site!)

Grade 2
C1 & C3 - Mr. Weir & Ms. Fallon
C5 - Ms. Smith-MacKenzie

Grade 3
C5 - Ms. Smith-MacKenzie
C2 & C4 - Ms. Gallant & Ms. Roderick

Grade 4
E3 - Ms. Leonard
E6 & E8 - Ms. DeWitte & Mr. Offley
Spanish: Ms. Convers

Grade 5
E3 - Ms. Leonard
E5 & E7 - Ms. Bishop & Ms. Jeram
5th Grade Instrumental Music Page
Spanish: Ms. Convers
View Supplemental Distance Learning Resources for Families
JK-2 | Grade 3 - 5

Library Enrichment Resources from Ms. Pennell

Please see Ms. Pennell’s Library Enrichment Page, with activities and resources for Morse School children at every grade level! Please also keep an eye out for her weekly message to your child’s classroom. If you are looking for online reading options, please see Ms. Pennell’s Websites for Online Reading page!

Storytime with Dr. Leith, Ms. Headley, and Friends!
To offer a familiar face and provide your child with a short reading break each day, Dr. Leith has reached into his family bookshelf to share some of his family’s favorite read-aloud stories. He is joined by Ms. Headley and other special guests, who will be sharing storytime videos throughout the school closure!
Click here to access Dr. Leith’s read alouds >>

Weekly Virtual Extracurricular & Community Events
To help keep our sense of community strong during the emergency school closure, we are hosting several special events led by members of the Morse School team! To maintain the security of Google Meet virtual meeting spaces, links to extracurricular student events will be shared with directly relevant grade levels on the day of scheduled events. Please click here to see the latest calendar of virtual events!

Tips for Active & Creative Play Additional Online Resources
Chromebook Support
If you need technical support please email helpdesk@cpsd.us with the subject “Student Chromebook” and include as much detailed information as possible, including a phone number for contact.
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