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National Pi Day

National Pi Day
Posted on 03/25/2015
By: Adrian and Calla

Pi DayPeople were just waiting to get free pie on national Pi day, March 14 (3/14/15). Well, in room E5 at the Morse School, kids made Pikus and Pi shirts. Pikus are haiku poems about Pi! A haiku has three lines, the first line has five syllables, and the second seven and the last line has five. One kid in E5, Deven says, “It’s awesome we get to make Pi shirts, and it’s lots of fun!” You can tell the excitement is going around in the E5 classroom.

Another activity students did was to measure certain circular objects with partners. Then they found the circumference and recorded them. After that, the kids made Pi bracelets! They chose colors for each of the first five decimal digits of Pi, and strung rainbow beads to match the numbers. If they visit your classroom, check it out.

Some students became “Pi Ambassadors”, and visited classrooms to teach other kids about Pi. They wore their shirts while visiting.  Fifth grader, Iman, says that she was excited for the younger students to learn about Pi. “It’s a really interesting topic, and I hope they find it just as intriguing as I do!”

Pi is an endless number that can be used to find the circumference, or area around a circle. Here is the formula:

3.14 (Pi) x diameter (length across a circle) = circumference!

Some of the first digits of Pi are:

To get their pie, students in Ms. Bishop’s class had to memorize the first ten decimal digits of Pi. The Table Talk Pie Company in Worcester donated free pies to schools, and that is where Ms. Bishop got the pies. Many kids had looked forward to this moment. If you want to learn more about Pi, take a peek at the fifth grade’s bulletin board. We hope everyone had a happy Pi Day!!!