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The Morse & Kennedy-Longfellow Schools are getting active to save lives!

The Morse & Kennedy-Longfellow Schools are getting active to save lives!
Posted on 05/04/2015
UnicefUNICEF Kid Power is a movement powered by kids. Kid Power uses the world’s first wearable-for-good to get kids physically active to help their peers. Kids have the power to end global malnutrition by getting active to save lives!

The Morse School and Kennedy-Longfellow School participated in a competition with 486 classrooms in 3 cities, Boston, New York, and Dallas! There were 216 schools participating in the Boston area with 8 homerooms participating from the Morse and 6 homerooms from the K-Lo. This month long competition began on March 9th and ended on April 2nd. Students learned that the more active they were, the more KID POINTS they could earn, and the more KID POINTS earned, the more they could help provide food for malnourished children across the world!  

    •    2,400 steps = 1 kid points
    •    12,000 steps = 5 kid points
    •    5 kid points = a packet of food for a malnourished child


Homerooms were able to check class stats in real time and see the impact of each step taken. Students from both schools took 50,368,080 steps (yes 50+ million steps), which means that they walked 17,721 miles and earned 4,296 food packets for malnourished children in other countries in the world. A 3rd grade classroom from the Morse (Team Awesome HR C4) ended in first place on the leaderboard!)

While the challenge is over, UNICEF is allowing classrooms to continue logging steps in order to continue the food packet program.

How students feel about UNICEF Kid Power:

“I feel good about my fitbit and I want to use it to help those kids. I feel determined to help those kids! I won’t stop until I do!” -Joseph, 3rd grade student

“Now that I have this fitbit, instead of playing games that don’t involve moving around I play Wii sports games and other games that have me move. I use to take the elevator to my apartment but now I’m taking the stairs.” -B.J., 3rd grade student

At the Morse, students were eager to get their steps in, walking around the lobby each morning before the bell would ring. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, many students participated in walking club- a time when they can walk laps in the gym while talking to their friends. During recess time students walked laps instead of sitting on benches. Learning about malnutrition in our world and feeling empowered to help proved to be enlightening to our students and our school.  

For more information about UNICEF Kid Power, check out their website. Under the “resources” tab there are lesson plans that can be used to teach students about becoming global citizens, along with many other useful materials.