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CitySprouts Garden Happenings

CitySprouts Garden Happenings
Posted on 09/29/2015

Welcome Back! Have you had the chance to check out our newly painted mural on the back of the shed? Created by our middle school summer interns. They wanted to give back to the Morse school. Check out our blog post about there hard work.

Check out the Garden!

  • The new ABC tiles hanging on the fence. Ms. Kerr with the help of a kinder class made them right before summer break! It's fun to watch passer byers (of all ages) looking at them and sometimes singing there ABC. 

  • We upcycled the ABC tiles that were destroyed in snowzilla They are now apart of our veggie beds. Allowing folks to easily walk through a bed without stepping on plants. There are a few extra ones sitting outside of the shed, please feel free to lay them out in empty spots in the garden.

  • Did you notice the pumpkin(s) growing? Lets keep our fingers crossed that they keep on growing! These are some of the largest pumpkins to be grown at Morse I've been told. Whenever I walk past the pumpkin patch, I like to say to myself; grow little pumpkin or the little pumpkin that could.

  • Inside the shed I have a white board set up so that we can communicate with each other. Please feel free to write me a note and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Need some herbs for dinner? Harvest some, there is an abundance of thyme and oregano. Please help yourself. Do you make your own herbal tinctures? need some comfrey? there is some in the garden!

Shay Chess
Garden Coordinator
617.876.2436 (CitySprouts Office)