5th Grade Memoirs

5th Grade Memoirs
Posted on 04/27/2016
First Day of 5th Grade
Written by: Rosa Boehm

Today was the day I had been dreading this whole summer. Today was the day I would finally get a taste of education in what seemed like forever. Today, was the first day of school. As I awoke to a 6:00 am alarm, I was rushing around like mad. Cloths? Hair? Friends? And definitely, BOYS (not). “Rosa? You about done up there? It’s time to go.” My father called to me. “I’m just about ready. I’ll meet you out front.” I called back. Time to go to school? Uh oh! The clock said 7:50am. How could time fly so fast! I checked off the things I’d done. Lunch? Check. Hair? Check. Teeth? Check. And now, school……. check. I walked out the door with a wimpy face and headed to The Morse School.

“BEEP! BEEP!” A school bus skidded to a stop. “You ready Rosa?” My father’s voice said gently. “I hope so Daddy!” I whimpered. A mini cooper drove by. Then in a funnier voice my dad asked, “Are you SURE I can’t bring you to your classroom!?” “ I’m sure Dad. Can I ask a question? I asked. “Ask away Rosa!” He laughed. “Do you have any tricks for having a good day at school?” I rocketed off my tongue solemnly. “Well I think I heard on the news that if you do an activity and you go in with a positive attitude you are more likely have a great outcome!” He replied. I saw my friends A., S. and A. waving furiously at me so I decided to end the conversation. “Well, bye Dad! I’ll see you tonight.” “Okie dokie Rosa. I’ll see you tonight as well!”And he rode off into the distance.

As I strode through the two front doors, I saw a HUMONGOUS crowd of Morse families. Including my friends and their parents. Uh oh! I think I might have lied to my dad about being the only one with a parent walking me to my classroom. Now I felt extremely guilty. “Hiiiiiii Rosa!” Three crazy voices said behind me! “A1, S AND A2!!!! You have no idea of what just happened I really want to talk to you about this summer and I feel faint!” I practically shouted. “ Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Start from the beginning and take a deep breath.” A1 said dramatically (typical) . So then I told them the tale what I had done this summer. Then the comforted me and told me to do exactly what my dad had told me and follow my father’s advice to go in with a positive attitude. Finally after what seemed like forever, the 8:10 bell rang and practically the whole school stampeded down the hall to start off, a new school year.

When thinking back to this day in September, I remember how this changed me. How this had made me (in some weird way) braver! I remember learning how to be a braver person inside and out. I guess at some point in our lives we all have to learn something whether it’s right or wrong, good or bad, physically or socially. And that day in September was a great reminder to always be brave. I wish I could have seen that in myself earlier.

It’s Game Time!
Written by: Kabir Shotland

I wonder how you would feel if you had amazing saves (compliments from other people, not yourself) against the best team in the league? Do I have to tell you? All right all right, I’ll tell you. LATER. Right now, it’s almost time for the game. Don’t miss it!

El Salvador won the coin toss and chose to have the ball first. The ball went back and forth until they did a perfect cross and scored. On me. If you’re laughing, STOP!!! THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!! After that, Owen said to me, “You’ve got the reflexes of a statue.” That came a little too close to home, so I got angry. Can you guess what I used that anger for? That’s right, goalkeeping.

Since they scored, we got the ball. You can probably guess what happened. The ball goes back and forth, I make some saves (this time) and- wait for it, wait for it, GOAL!!! I don’t remember who scored, so let’s just get on with the story.

Then, since WE scored, they got the ball and went on a scoring drive. The only problem (for them) was that one of their players got tripped, so they got an INDIRECT KICK. Remember this. So, one of my friends on El Salvador, Derrick, took the kick. And scored- wait, is it being called back? The only player the ball had touched was me, and you have to pass the ball to a player before you can shoot, but the question was if you had to pass it to your own player. The ref went to the ref who was reffing the other game to check if that was the case. It was. YAHOOOO!!! It became a drop ball, and Kazdan got it, and scored!!!!

They got the ball, and it went back and forth, back and forth until they had a really good drive and ALMOST scored. But they had to get the ball past me! The kicker was on his side. I went up to him to try to kick the ball away. I missed. Instead, I accidentally kicked the guy in his shin guard, but I had blocked his kick instead. He had already gotten a piece of the ball, but not enough to angle it into the goal, so it went out and became a goal kick. I waited until the clock ran out and then kicked it. When I heard the 2 consecutive whistles as I kicked it, I was so relieved but EXCITED! I had just kept a lead against the best team in the league by myself!

I wished that this was the end of the game. But everything has its price, even good saves. OF COURSE it had to be only one half. WHY WORLD, WHY!!! We were called over by the coaches. They said, “Kabir, you played amazingly! We’re going to keep you in goal.”

The game went by in a blur after that. We scored another goal when Nicholas kicked the ball on another player on a corner kick. They did another perfect cross and scored. The game started to slow down when Nicholas decided to let me catch the ball that got kicked. I dropped it, and Derrick came immediately. He kicked it, and I blocked it with my hand. He kicked the rebound, and I came in lightning fast and deflected the shot with my knee Owen passed the ball back to me and I made the dumbest idea to pick it up. The ref called it on me so they got an indirect kick. There was a pick set for me, and they did a tap and shoot. Derrick got it in the goal. Goal, so happy, NOT! OUR LEAD WAS GONE! We got the ball, it went back and forth, back and forth until it came deep in our territory. I made another dumb mistake by trying to block a kick that was going out. The potential goal kick became a corner kick, off of which Derrick scored. The game started going by in a blur again. A few minutes ago I couldn’t wait for the 3 consecutive whistles. Now I was dreading it. When it finally came, 10 minutes later, we had failed to score. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!!! Sure, I was sad that we lost, but my head was about to explode with how excited I was!

Looking back at it, I must say I’m not sad about it. I’ve moved on, but remembered the better parts. I remember both kids, the one who was extremely nervous about the game, and the one who walked out ready to take on anything. I must say, I like the one who walked out more. I never thought that I would be able to do what I did before I did it. This time was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!