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2015 Digitial Learning Day

2015 Digitial Learning Day
Posted on 03/23/2015
Digital Learning DayRobotics at Morse
Miss Marissa’s class put on their computer programming hats on and programmed KIBO the robot. To program KIBO, students had to choose and arrange different action blocks such as move forward, shake, or beep. When they had their instructions (algorithm) complete they scanned the blocks and watched KIBO follow their directions.  

After programming KIBO, students had a chance to build their own robots on the computer. If you could build a robot, what would your robot do for you?

World Wide Telescope Comes to Morse!
Morse parent and World Wide Telescope Ambassador Erin Johnson, took our 4th graders into outerspace using free Microsoft researched technology. This free tool provides impressive views and accessible explanations of the solar system.

Digital Learning Day1st graders go on an iPad photo scavenger hunt
After learning how to responsibly use the iPad camera, 1st grade students went on an iPad photo scavenger hunt. They searched for different shapes around their classroom, words that rhyme, and much more! They used their iPad camera to document their findings.

Stop Motion Science in 2nd Grade  
Students in 2nd grade are learning how to become directors and cinematographers of their very own stop motion video! Their ultimate project will be a stop motion science video covering various science concepts covered throughout the year. To prepare, students have been creating short stop motion videos on everyday objects and social studies concepts.