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Cambridge Public Schools Visual Art Mission Statement
It is our vision to nurture and explore the artist within all the students.  While doing so, students will:

  • Develop basic concepts of design and elements of art
  • Be enhanced intellectually by the history and style of the visual arts
  • Celebrate and respect works of art from global cultures
  • Create artwork that integrates emerging technologies as well as traditional techniques
  • Learn to analyze in a supportive and respectful manner the visual artworks of others
  • Recognize visual arts as a continually evolving entity that incorporates many different media
  • Create pieces of artwork that portray emotions and personality
  • Learn the skills to apply the arts to all areas of their academic, personal and professional lives
  • Develop a growing appreciation of the artist, works of art, and development of the arts in the community

Junior Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
a mural pieceThese students are introduced to many art mediums, including drawing, painting, ceramics, collage, sculpture, and printmaking. Students will create self-portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and abstract art. They will learn and use vocabulary to investigate and discuss art.  Every year, students will explore several master artists, art movements, and multicultural art forms. Students will create one self-portrait and one observational drawing every year.

3rd - 5th Grade
In 3rd grade-5th grade, students expand and refine the skills they’ve learned in earlier years. Color theory and Elements of Art/Design (color, value, line, shape, form, texture, and space) are investigated. Art critique and discussion skills will be further developed. Independence and self-initiative are encouraged. Students will create one self-portrait and one observation drawing every year.

When possible, students will create cross-curricular artworks in conjunction with a Science/Social Studies/ELA/Math unit.

Art projects in K-5 may include these master artists, but are not limited to:

Vincent van Gogh
Eric Carle
Georgia O’Keeffe
Piet Mondrian
Andy Warhol
Jasper Johns
Wassily Kandinsky
Faith Ringgold
Andy Goldsworthy
Christo & Jean Claude
Pablo Picasso
Frank Gehry
IM Pei
Leonardo da Vinci
Alexander Calder