For the safety of all the Morse School students, all doors remain locked until the very end of the day. We ask that all adults picking up their child/children wait outside the building at the indicated dismissal door or in the Main Lobby until 2:25PM. We have children heading to board school buses and to “in house” afterschool programs, and it becomes very chaotic in the hallways if there are many extra adults standing or walking in the hallways.

With all the movement of all the classrooms it is important for everyone to know how dismissal will take place. Please take note of the new procedure:

2:15PM: All children that ride small yellow school buses or vans will start to proceed to the exit doors to board their transportation.

2:20PM: All children riding the big school buses will be escorted to the auditorium by classrooms assistants. Also, children going to Community School classes here at Morse are picked up from classrooms.

2:25PM: All parents may enter through the main office door or the door near the kindergarten classrooms and pick their child or children up directly from the classrooms. Children in Grade 4 exit out directly from their classroom doors. Children in Grade 5 exit out through door #36.